Aamon writing in his daily journal

History Edit

Aamon is one of the second oldest Demons in Hell. His history is a little vague, and he sometimes doesn't talk about it.

When he was little, Aamon and David were orphans in the streets of Hell. Aamon decided that since no one wanted him or is little brother, then he'll adopt them both. But it didn't go very well. All Aamon wanted was to protect and take care of David, but soon enough, David was taken from him.

At this time, he knew where he was and who had taken his little brother, yet every time he tried to confront them or take him back, he would either be bullied or called cute and weak. Once he's called cute, Aamon blacks out and is able to attack them at full force.

Now that Aamon has grown, he is now 24,000 years old. On Earth, he is 20 years young. He currently goes to school in Hell named "Demon Academy".

Aamon and David

Aamon and his little brother, David

When the years went by, Aamon started to play the drums. But, since he was good at it, he had to hide his face. At this time, he was named "The Masked Drummer". He used the name to his advantages, and once he was able to get on stage to preform, he noticed one person in the crowd. David.

After his debut, Aamon (of course in his costume) seen David come up to him in a hurry, seeing that he wanted his autograph and whatnot. Aamon smiled under his mask and removed it, showing that it was his brother the whole time. David was surprised, and most importantly shocked. He ran to his older brother in tears, giving him a hug.

For a couple years, David began to live with Aamon, and David explained that he had met their mother. But, in her last moment. Their mother was being executed for "committing" several crimes. Aamon swore to find out who framed their mother, and to end him the way they ended her.

His title is the demon of hate.

Friends and Relationships Edit

Daisy - Daisy was Aamon's mother, whom in fact was human. After eight years of caring for her two sons, she was soon enough caught so she had to run away. She'd come back every once in a while to bring food or presents for the boys. Though when the Aamon turned ten, while David was six, she hadn't returned.

David - Aamon's little brother. Just like Daisy, David was half human and half demon. He nor Aamon has no idea who or what their father could be, but in all honesty they never do. When David turned ten, and Aamon being fourteen, the eldest decided to adopt them both. At this time Aamon had to protect them from the demons. Later on David was taken by a couple goons for over ten years, and became a goon himself. When a new artist by the name of "The Masked Drummer" came out, David collected all of his CD's listening to them to learn how to play. Soon enough there was a concert and David had earned (stolen) a backstage pass to meet him. He was indeed surprised to see that his idol was his brother.

Sly - One of Aamon's childhood friends. They may not hangout a lot but they sure do talk to each other through telepathy. Aamon's best way in showing his true feelings toward his close friends is by slapping them on the back of the head or shouting "I fucking hate you!" at the top of his lungs. Sly had to pick up on this by the time he was 16,000 years old. Compared to Sly, Aamon is 24,000 years old.

Quotes Edit

"You know, due to your irritable shitty attitude, I never would have thought we could still be close." This was said to one of his deceased friends, a couple days before their execution.

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