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Sly in the human world

History Edit

Sly is one of the youngest Demons in Hell. He is also a trouble maker. And due to his history, Sly pretends nothing happens.

Sly is known for his androgynous appearance, though he would most definitely like to be known as a male. He travels around Earth with his mother and brother, Bri and Shuln. His father is someone he'd rather not talk about since he did abandon him when he was only 1,000 years old.

Though in the human world, Sly's age is 16. He has no sort of birthday, but prefers it to be November 20th, 1993. He has plenty of friends, though some of them are dead, or just distant. A few of his friends are Aamon, Dmitri, Toxic, and David. Though he doesn't hang out around them a lot, he does make the effort to call or do something with them.

His title is the Demon of Ice.

Family Edit

Sly's family is quite small, and he only lived with his father until he abandoned him. His father's name is Ire. His mother, on the other hand, is barely around. Bri is a nephalem due to her parents. Sly and Shuln have a tiny bit of angel in them because of her. She would normally be seen in the human world, or in Heaven. Shuln, his twin brother (or really triplet), was missing for over ten years. Once he got older and was able to fend for himself, he returned home. By the time he met Sly once again, he noticed that he changed just a bit. He took note that Sly let his hair grow, that his wings had gotten bigger, and clung to Bri a lot.

Teh family

(Left to Right) Ire, Shuln, Sly, Bri

Friends Edit

Aamon and David were one of Sly's closest and first friends. When he'd get into trouble, David would take the fall for him, or Aamon would beat the stuffing out of him. But they would always have each others back.

Sly met Toxic back when he was just a small bunny rabbit. When Toxic plead to him about becoming a human, Sly helped him and took him to his mother, whom gave him his human form. Sly and Toxic has been close ever since, though Toxic would continue to bug him about certain things concerning his new body.

Dmitri is a different story; Bri decided that Sly should spend more time with other species besides humans and Demons, so she called one of her friends and the only kind they could get a hold of was a vampire. And since there aren't many kind vampires in the universe, they spoke of one. This is where Dmitri came into the picture. Dmitri is a kind spirited rich vampire who likes to give out gifts to other, even humans. Though he is a bloodsucker, he only feasts on animal blood. But Sly was generous and let him have a taste of his blood, and Dmitri enjoyed it. He never seemed to stop asking Sly for a small taste though.

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